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Welcome to my Website!

I'm a 28 year old professional freelance photographer and videographer.

Below is a sample of some of my most recent videography work. I spent a month hiking and backpacking across Germany, Portugal, Spain, & Iceland. I carried a 30 lb. backpack and strapped my Canon 1D Mark IV across my chest. Armed with only a Rokinon 14mm and a Canon 24-105mm, I set out with a simple rig that would deliver professional results.

The next time I travel I'd most likely downsize to a more travel friendly camera like the Canon 5D Mark III or Sony A7sii. While the 1D Mark IV is a powerhouse of a camera, I often felt bogged down and occasionally annoyed by its size.

I left my trusty 70-200mm lens home this time and I'm ultimately glad I did. The 14mm allowed me to capture all of the epic landscapes, while the 24-105 was my all around go to lens. With it's image stabilization and varied focal lengths, I was really able to capture everything I wanted.

Enjoy the clip below and follow along for more updates.



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